Satara Hill Half Marathon

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    The SATARA HILL HALF MARATHON is held annually in the historic city of Satara, the erstwhile capital of the Maratha Kingdom founded by the legendary Warrior King Shrimant Chhatrapati ShivajiRaje Bhosale.

    The SATARA HILL HALF MARATHON is a proud member of the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) Usually held in the first half of September , the event attracts runners from all over India as well as elite athletes and running enthusiasts from all around the world. The Eighth edition of this popular event will take place on Sunday, 25 Aug 2019.

I am a Runner

I am a Soldier !!!

    Our soldiers guard our borders & keep us safe from external threats, while Police & paramilitary personnel maintain law & peace within the country. These Men & women in Uniform are always on their toes, performing their duty towards the nation, risking their own life & limb every day. Ordinary citizens like us also have a duty towards our society & country. Its not really necessary to wear a uniform or take up a gun in hand to serve the nation. We can serve our country equally well by fulfilling our respective duties, while at work or in our general behavior in society at large. By p


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August 21,2019
आठवी सातारा हिल हाल्फ मॅरेथॉन २५ ऑगस्टला
सातारा रनर्स फौंडेशन आयोजित स more
August 21,2019
Satara Hill Half Marathon to honour army jawans
The eighth edition of this popular event will take place on sunday ,August 25,20 more
August 19,2019
आंतरराष्ट्रीय धावपटूंचा सहभाग, साडेआठ हजारांहून अधिक धावपटूंची नोंदणी
सातारा हिल हाल्फ मॅरेथॉनची तय more
February 16,2019
पुलवामा हल्ल्याचा साता-यातील चिमुकल्यांसह रनर्सनी केला निषेध. स्ट्राँग अॅड फिट ग्रुप ची निषेध र
आपल्या सजग फौंडेशन चे कार्यध् more
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